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For those clients in need of back office and administrative support for their U.S. operations, we want to introduce you to our affiliate company, Scandinavian Resource Center LLC (SRC). SRC is a boutique firm focused on providing professional services to Swedish related companies doing business in the U.S. It is organized to provide a flexible package of customized services that meet the specific needs of each client. Clients range from companies newly established in the U.S. to those firmly established and looking for improved efficiency. Working as a team, SRC is designed to provide clients with back office and administrative support to streamline payables, receivables, cash management, inventory, payroll and accounting needs, as well as business consulting services in a range of key areas.

SRC has a highly qualified and experienced staff capable of handling routine and complex client transactions in an efficient, timely and professional fashion. SRC can also provide direction to other trusted professionals for expertise in the legal, benefits, business insurance coverage, and taxation fields, when necessary. SRC’s professional staff includes experienced Certified Public Accountants, and individuals with extensive legal, finance, banking, accounting, human resources/payroll administration and business management backgrounds. To learn more about SRC, please visit

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